Publicly Available Specification (PAS) 8820 2016 Construction materials. Alkali-activated cementitious material and concrete. Specification

AACM products do not generally fit into the current standard framework for traditional concretes and common cements covered by BS EN 197-1, BS EN 206, BS 8500-1 and BS 8500-2.

Many of the tests and considerations relevant to traditional concretes and common cements broadly apply to AACMs.

BSI PAS8820:2016 aims to facilitate the use of AACMs within construction by providing alternative specification approaches as a performance-based specification.

PAS 8820 was developed in 2015, having been sponsored by High Speed 2 (HS2) and co-funded by DB Group and Hanson UK. The technical authors were:

  • Nigel Fraser (West One Management Consulting),
  • Professor John Provis (University of Sheffield), and
  • Professor Paul Lambert (Mott MacDonald).

They were supported by a technical steering group of experts from:

  • Banah,
  • BASF UK,
  • Building Research Establishment (BRE),
  • CEMEX,
  • C-Probe Systems,
  • DB Group,
  • Hanson UK,
  • Highways England,
  • HS2,
  • Shay Murtagh,
  • Sika, and
  • Transport Research Laboratory (TRL).

It was published in 2016.

PAS 8820:2016 defines the constituent requirements of various AACM formulations and guides the declaration responsibilities of manufacturers and producers. It also specifies the performance requirements for AACMs for fresh properties and hardened concrete performance as well as durability in use.

This specification has benefited and aligns well with the work of the RILEM Technical Committee 224- AAM.

A3CM is committed to developing PAS8820:2016 as performance data develops and more applications inform on product use in the field.

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